Lower capital investment

Ark Futures' solar financing option offers manufacturers, businesses, and farms the opportunity to adopt solar without the high upfront cost.



Solar Contract

Ark Futures' Solar Contract allows your business to go solar with lower upfront capital investment and immediately start paying less for electricity. Our competent team manages everything, from design, financing, installation to maintenance.



Protect your business from rising electricity costs

Your business can produce its own electricity at a lower cost than the existing electricity provider. As tariff rates continue to rise, your solar energy system will result in savings that increase every year, plus a 3-years breakeven! Clients can also expect an internal rate of return (IRR) of more than 25%.

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Competitive pricing

Ark Futures experience in building solar energy systems, and its relationships with equipment manufacturers and financial institutions allows us to pass our high-quality, low-costs on to you. We offer competitive prices without compromising quality or service.



Fully leverage on tax incentives

Ark Futures' will assist you in fully taking advantage of the various solar energy incentives offered. We'll take care of the applications, paperwork and processing to make your solar experience simple and efficient.