Find out how you can use your rooftop to make 30% ROI



Sell solar energy to TNB

Malaysia's Feed-in-Tariff scheme allows homeowners to install solar on their roof and sell their solar energy to TNB. Payments for solar energy are made monthly, for 21 years. Achieve strong returns on your solar investment.

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Increase the value of your property

Installing a solar system on your property increases its value significantly, because its rooftop is now an income-generating asset. There is an increasing demand for homes with a solar system installed.

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Guaranteed performance

With our EnergyMonitor, we monitor your system 24/7 and make sure it performs as promised. Our response teams are alerted in real-time to immediately address any issues. 


We make it easy for you

We make it easy for you to own your own home solar system.

We handle everything, from regulatory applications, engineering and even financing, to make it easy for you.

We've installed hundreds of Malaysian residential solar systems since 2011.

Contact us for a free consultation, to see if your home is suitable for solar.

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Your solar options with Ark Futures

Ark Futures offers 2 options for you to switch to solar:

1. You can invest in your own solar PV system to reap all of its benefits, or

2. You can switch to solar for zero or low upfront cost through us.

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