Ark Futures offers cheaper, cleaner energy for the agriculture industry


A leading solar energy provider

Our geographical scale, experience and top-tier technology are advantages that make us the solar energy provider of choice for farms across the nation that want to pay less for electricity and increase their yields.



Gain control of your electricity bills

Ark Futures assists you in protecting yourself from increasing electricity costs, by reducing your electricity bills. Farms immediately start paying less for their electricity. You will enjoy predictable, long-term energy costs and expect a 3-years breakeven.

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Simple One-Stop Solution

We are an end-to-end solar energy provider. We take care of every part of your project, including financing, system designs, installation and continuing system maintenance & monitoring.

Your solar options with Ark Futures

Ark Futures offers 2 options for you to switch to solar:

1. You can invest in your own solar PV system to reap all of its benefits, or

2. You can switch to solar for zero or low upfront cost through us.

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